Is there a Test for Food Intolerance?

 The answer to the question is yes, but first you need to establish if you have an intolerance.

What is Food Intolerance?

  • Food intolerance is different from allergy and sensitivity. Intolerance is when you are deficient of a chemical or enzyme which is required for the breakdown of a specific food. When this enzyme is missing this is when you can get symptoms like:

    • Bloating and stomach cramps
    • Constipation or diarrhoea
    • Tiredness and fatigue
    • Unexplained skin rashes
    • Candida and yeast problems
    • Headaches and migraines

With an intolerance, you may still be able consume small amounts of the food without getting any symptoms.
An example of this is Lactose intolerance, this is the absence of the enzyme Lactase

Tests available

  • We have 2 tests available which test for food intolerance, the Basic Plus and Advanced. To read more about what each test offers please click on the squares below.

    Our test is performed on a bio-resonance system called the Asyra Pro to read more about the Asyra Pro please go to our Food Intolerance Test Information page, where you can find more about food intolerance and the machine we used to test. 

    All you need is to send a small hair sample, fill in a health questionnaire and food diary, simple as that. Your results are emailed within 21 days, including help and advice relating to your questionnaire. We do this as not all symptoms are related to the food you’re eating. 

    To read more about Asyra click here.

IMPORTANT - If you think you have an allergy please consult your GP.  Allergies can be extremely serious and in some cases, life-threatening. To read more about the differences between allergy, sensitivity and intolerance please see our Food Intolerance Test Page.

Bio-resonance testing is classed as a none medical device. It is a natural therapy and involves a non-medical and non-clinical approach.

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