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Food Intolerance Tests

How do I take a hair sample?
My hair is very short, can I still complete the test?
My hair is dyed, does this affect the results?
Is there anything else to pay?
What age can you test from? Can you test a child?
Why do we need to fill in a health questionnaire and food diary?

Understanding your test results

Understanding your test results is relatively simple:

Avoid the foods next to the green boxes

Ideally we would like you to keep this uncomplicated and straightforward by simply avoiding the foods next to the green boxes. Sometimes our curiosity gets the better of us, therefore we have devised a list of questions our patients and clients have risen.

What do the colours within the boxes mean?
What do the numbers in the food sensitivity mean?
What do (FS) (HS) and (NA) mean?

STill have questions?