Nutrition To Go has been practising since 2011, although Karen our consultant has had 15 years experience as a homeopath.

Our aim is to help and support anyone who feels that traditional medicine has failed them. Having both had that feeling, we understand how helpless you can feel.

Our personal experiences and positive results over the last eight years of practice gives us the inspiration to keep sharing and making a difference to people’s lives.

Karen Johnson BSC

Co-Founder  & Resident Consultant

Karen is our resident consultant on nutrition, homeopathy, healing and personal development.

She is a fully qualified homeopath and Asyra Practitioner and has been practising for 15 years. Recently she earned her degree in acupuncture at the prestigious College of Acupuncture in York.

Her interest developed after her son Franklyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy from a meningitis infection. Refusing to believe that the medical profession couldn’t do any more for him she took a holistic approach and decided to study and try different forms of medicine.

Over the years Karen has developed vast experience working with both adults and children with cancers, auto immune disease, allergies and digestive disorders as well as many other states of imbalances.

Having first-hand experience to the power of many different approaches, Karen works 1-1 with our clients preparing tailored health solutions and individualised treatment plans consisting of dietary and lifestyle interventions as well as homeopathy and supplementation.

Karen is fully trained on the Asyra AT3 system, which is the most advanced development in the field of bio energetic medicine. The AT3 is capable of non-invasive body scans which within minutes can produce bespoke digitally imprinted remedies which aids in the promotion of self-healing.

Jennifer hodson

Co-Founder & Head of communication

Jenny is our Admin Manager, she will be the lady on the other end of the email, making sure all your questions are answered, replying to all messages and ensuring products are dispatched on time.

Karen and Jenny have been friends for 33 years, but it was only about 9 years ago when she started suffering from endless water infections and cystitis. After multiple antibiotics, biopsies and examinations nothing was helping, she decided to enlist Karen’s help.

Karen ran a food intolerance test and gave advice on what supplements to take and included a special diet to follow, specifically cutting out sugar. Within a month she was feeling much better and managed to control the problems with supplements and diet.

This is were the idea came from for Nutrition To Go.  They new they wanted to help not only local people but anyone who was suffering regardless of where they lived.

Knowing the first thing would be to offer food intolerance testing by post, which would also come with tailored health advice, the second would of course be health supplements.  

Jenny has not only ran her own business but has experience in customer service within both retail and an office environment and will go out of her way to help in anyway she can.