How Reliable are Food Intolerance Tests?

The first port of call if you are seriously ill or you believe you have a medical condition; example Coeliac disease, is your doctor. However, a growing number of people in the UK and the world have discovered the benefits of bio-resonance testing. With thousands of people turning to alternative medicine for help when conventional medicine fails them.

I myself turned to this method of testing when returning to the doctor time and time again with no answer. Frustrated I had my first food intolerance test, which also included testing for a hormonal profile, digestive enzymes, additives, E-numbers and colourants, vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, essential fatty acid deficiencies and amino acid deficiencies. With guidance and advice, I cut the offending foods out of my diet, seeing significant improvement within weeks.

Bio-resonance is the system we use to run our food intolerance and sensitivity tests. We have helped thousands of people all over the UK with our tests, we not only run the test but also give advice on other ailments you may mention on your health questionnaire and are always available at no extra cost to answer any questions. 

In support of: 

  •     Tried and tested globally
    Bio-resonance has been used globally since the 1970’s, in countries such as Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and Russia. 
  •     A non-invasive method of testing
    Bio-resonance testing is non-invasive and not linked to any potential side effects. It is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative test for not only food intolerance testing but also aiding in various diagnosis.  
  •    Easy to follow results
    Bio-resonance testing offers a process for identifying multiple feedback results in one test. 

In Question of: 

  •     Disputed efficacy
    Currently, there are few scientific research papers regarding bio-resonance as an accurate testing method for medical conditions or disease.
  •     Pseudoscience?
    Some researchers believe bio-resonance testing is a pseudoscience, where there is no scientific or factual evidence published by scientific methods. Hence Bio-resonance testing is classed a none medical test. 

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