How to Find Out Food Allergies

Your first port of call to find out if you have a food allergy is your GP.  Your GP will ask a number of questions to try and determine if it’s an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity.

The symptoms for all of these can be very similar, see the list below for possible symptoms.:

• Bloating and stomach cramps
• Constipation or diarrhoea
• Tiredness and fatigue
• Unexplained skin rashes
• Candida and yeast problems
• Headaches and migraines

To read more about the difference between food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity please read our Food Intolerance Test Information page.

What is Food allergy?

  • Allergies cause an immune response which can affect a number of organs in our body causing many symptoms.

    Food allergy, unlike intolerance and sensitivity, can be especially serious and even life-threatening for example, nut allergies.

Do I have an allergy?

  • If your GP thinks it may be a food allergy they will refer you to an allergy clinic. The test they need to perform will differ depending on;
  • If your symptoms develop almost immediately after consuming the food item (an IgE-mediated food allergy) you will either be given a skin prick test or a blood test. See World Allergy Org for more information.
  • Your symptoms develop more slowly, maybe a couple of days after consuming the offending item (non-IgE-mediated food allergy). This is likely to be an intolerance or sensitivity. The NHS will normally put you on a food elimination test. See    

We can help!

  • Intolerance or Sensitivity? This is where Nutrition to Go can help. We can run a bio-resonance test with a small sample of hair which can help you find out what is causing your problems.

    We can run this test from as young as 3 years old. It is a none invasive test and everything is done via post, so there is no need to travel.

    Results are emailed within 21 days, complete with advice relating to answers from your health questionnaire.

    To read more about our various tests please click on the boxes below or if you would like more information please see our Food intolerance Test page.

    We recommend if you would like to test your child that you complete all required forms.

IMPORTANT - If you suspect you have a food allergy please consult your doctor immediately.

Bio-resonance testing is classed as a none medical device.

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