Free Food Intolerance Test

Intolerance and sensitivity to food can cause lots of problems; bloating, stomach pain, skin problems, diarrhoea and more.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a free food intolerance test, but you can try doing the steps below. 

1.  food diary 

  • keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat and drink and when.
  • Note any symptoms you have when eating a specific food
  • Take note of when you get symptoms

The problem with the food diary is symptoms of intolerance and sensitivity don’t always appear immediately, so it can be hard to find the root cause of the problem.

2.  Food Elimination

  • Once you have an idea of the food that
     may be giving you the problem, try                         eliminating it from  your diet.
  • If your symptoms abate then maybe this is    the  cause of your troubles – re-introduce            the food to see if symptoms return, if they            do then eliminate the food item for 4-6                  weeks before trying to re-introduce it into            your diet.  
  • Some intolerance's and sensitivities can be eliminated completely which is the good news but unfortunately, some do stay.

    The problem with the elimination diet is that it can take time to fathom out what your intolerance/sensitivity is.

If you would like to see what tests we offer please click on the boxes below to see what we test for, of if you need more information check out our food intolerance test page. Our test start from £45 and the tests are carried out remotely so there is no need to travel. All you need is a small hair sample, completed health questionnaire and basic 1-week food diary.

Post it to us at Nutrition To Go to get your personalised results within 21 days via email.

With all our tests you also get tailored health advice which relates to your questionnaire, as not all problems are caused by food.

IMPORTANT The symptoms can be the same for food allergy, if you suspect it is a food allergy please consult your doctor immediately, allergy’s can be very serious – NB our tests do not test for food allergy.

To read more about the difference between, sensitivity, intolerance and allergy please see here

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